Spanish Minor

Requirements: 15 credits

  • Depending on language placement you will complete the following:
  1.   SPA 106* (with a grade of B or better) (3) OR One course at the 200 level or higher (3)
  2.   Four courses at the 200-level or higher (12)

NOTE: * SPA 105 is a pre-requisite for SPA 106.  In order for SPA 106 to count towards the Minor, a grade of B or higher must be earned in BOTH SPA 105 and SPA 106.

Accelerated Option

The accelerated pathway to a minor is a method by which heritage speakers, native speakers, or speakers with advanced proficiency in Spanish may obtain a minor in an accelerated manner upon demonstrating their proficiency levels. This pathway acknowledges the skill set that bilinguals already bring to the table and enables them to fast track to the upper level courses so that they may complete the minor at an accelerated pace.

Requirements (accelerated): (15 credits)

  • 3 credits:  Complete Spanish for Spanish Speakers (SPA 213) with a grade of B- or higher
  • 6 credits completed in Spanish courses at the 300 level
  • Oral Proficiency Interview & Cultural Presentation
  • Up to 6 credits completed by using Credit for Life Learning*

*See your departmental advisor for assistance


Equivalent courses from an approved study abroad program are acceptable provided that the course work is authorized by the Chair of Daemen’s Modern Languages Department.