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Dr. Sharlene G. Buszka
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Degrees Offered


BS Business Administration includes the following Specializations:


Open to all undergraduate students:

Open to Accounting and Business Administration majors only or students who have completed the General Business minor:


Business Administration Mission Statement

The Business Administration curriculum will assist in preparing students for business related roles in an increasingly complex global economy. Our program recognizes the importance of studying liberal arts while developing professional business related skills. As students progress through our program, their ability to think contextually, critically and ethically will be enhanced. There will be considerable focus on developing students’ interpersonal, intercultural and written communication skills. Through such a foundation, students will be better prepared to contribute positively to their local and global business communities.

The Business Administration degree will provide exposure to the total business organization through the presentation of functional, technical  and human skills based coursework. Particular emphasis will be placed on diversity, ethics, and international issues. This broad-based exposure will be fine-tuned by coursework within an area of specialization chosen by the student. Specialization-related internship experiences will supplement a student’s classroom knowledge, build professional interpersonal skills, develop liaisons with the business community, and provide concrete, resume building work experience.

Key to students’ success in this integrated learning curriculum is assuming an active role in their own education and understanding that learning is a lifelong process. Daemen College business faculty will be available to encourage and mentor students while providing the initial foundation for this process. Students will be prepared and encouraged to grow continuously in their personal and professional lives.

Business Administration Intended Student Learning Outcomes:
The Business Administration program is designed to help students achieve the following student learning objectives. Students will provide evidence of having achieved an understanding of core business concepts by:

  1. applying quantitative and technology-based tools to effectively support business decisions;
  2. demonstrating knowledge of the functional areas of business;
  3. integrating ethical concepts to inform business decisions;
  4. gathering information and conducting research to solve business-related problems;
  5. communicating effectively within various business contexts; and
  6. applying knowledge of business concepts and functions in an integrated manner.