Military Science (ROTC)

(Cross-enrollment at Canisius University)

Essential Courses

The Military Science program is available to Daemen students as part of the cross registration program with the Western New York Consortium of Colleges. Under this agreement full-time matriculating students may take one cross-registered course of their full-time load (12-18 credits = full time) each semester without additional charge. Should a student exceed the 18-credit-hour maximum, the usual per credit hour Daemen tuition charges will then be assessed.

The military science courses are offered by and at Canisius University. Information on program opportunities and requirements is available through the ROTC office of Canisius University.

While ROTC courses may not be taken for credit in the core, they are acceptable as Free Electives outside the core provided that such credits are available in the student’s academic program. ROTC courses may also be completed as credits over and above degree requirements. No tuition charge will be assessed for ROTC courses for which no credit is applicable to the degree.

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