Community Health Promotion Minor

Requirements (21 credits)

Complete each of the following (12 credits):

    • HPR102 Introduction to Health Care: Systems and Professions (3)
    • HPR234 Foundations of Public Health (3)
    • HPR208 Health Promotion and Education (3)
    • HPR320 Community Health Education and Disease Prevention (3)

Select 9 credits from the following courses:

    • HPR305 Communicating Health (3)
    • HPR313 Principles of Health Behavior Change (3)
    • HPR331 Community Health Education: Outreach and Fieldwork (3)
    • HPR335 Critical Issues in Global Health (3)
    • HSC112 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan (3)
    • NUR316 Holistic Perspectives (3)
    • PHI/NUR222 Healing, Holism, and Spirituality in Health Care (3)
    • PHI321 Medical Ethics (3)
    • PHI/REL326 Meaning of Care in a Technological Society (3)
    • PSY308 Health Psychology (3)
    • SOC209 Social Problems (3)
    • Experiential Learning relevant to Community Health Promotion: With the authorization of the Health Promotion Chairperson, select Career Field Experiences and/or Service Learning experiences may also be acceptable.  Consult the Health Promotion Chairperson for further details.

NOTE: Additional studies may be acceptable with the authorization of the Health Promotion Chairperson.