Oncology Nursing Certificate

Perspectives In Oncology Nursing For International RNs

This post-licensure certificate is a collaborative partnership between Daemen College’s Nursing Department and Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI).


  • To provide international licensed registered nurses experiences in an oncology hospital setting
  • To foster the understanding of cultural differences in nursing care through classroom and clinical learning experiences
  • To develop leadership skills in oncology nursing

Program Prerequisites/Admission Criteria:

Students will be selected by their home hospital/health care institution based on the following criteria:

  • Proficiency in the English language as demonstrated by a minimum score of 100 on the TOEFL IBT or 600 on the TOEFL PBT. Students not meeting this requirement will need to enroll in an English remediation course to be completed prior to the onset of nursing studies.
  • Proof of RN status in the student’s home country.
  • Successful completion of a registered nursing program as attested by official college/university transcripts to be sent to Daemen College
  • Participants will need to demonstrate competency in nursing practice prior to beginning clinical placements at RPCI. Competency will be assessed by faculty at RPCI.
  • Documentation of immunizations:
    • Measles/Rubeola
    • Mumps
    • Rubella
    • Tetanus or Tetanus/Diphtheria toxoid within the past ten years
    • An informed decision regarding Meningitis vaccine
  • Medical history and physical examination within the past 12 months


  • PHASE I: Cultural Care in Oncology Nursing
    • ESL215 Scholarly Research and Writing (3)
    • NUR316 Holistic Perspectives (3)
    • NUR251 Special Topics: Oncology Nursing I Lecture (3)
    • NUR251L Special Topics: Oncology Nursing I Lab (6)
    • 18 clock hours of clinical practice per week (3/1 ratio)
    • Includes a capstone project
    • Total Credits (15)
  • PHASE II: Leadership in Oncology Nursing
    • HPR102 Introduction to Health Care (3)
    • NUR324 Leadership Development in Clinical Nursing (3)
    • NUR252 Special Topics: Oncology Nursing II Lecture (3)
    • NUR252L Special Topics: Oncology Nursing II Lab (6)
    • 18 clock hours of clinical practice per week (3/1 ratio)
    • Includes a capstone project
    • Total Credits (15)


Requirements for Completion of Oncology Certificate Program

  1. A minimum grade of C in all required certificate courses
  2. An overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.00
  3. Apply for certificate:
    All certificate students are required to file an Application for Certificate form with the Registrar’s Office at the onset of the final term of study.
    NOTE: Participation in the Commencement ceremony is not applicable to certificate candidates.