Master of Public Health (MPH)

The Daemen College Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is offered to applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree and are interested in pursuing graduate study in public health.  Daemen’s 45-credit hour MPH program is comprised of competencies across five key public health areas: (1) biostatistics, (2) epidemiology, (3) health services administration, (4) health education/behavioral science, and (5) environmental health. In addition to classroom and web enhanced instruction, students also complete a 240-hour practicum.  This field experience provides for real-world applications of training and builds experience working directly with public health professionals. A final Integrative Learning Experience (capstone project) provides students the opportunity to investigate an important public health problem in their area of interest.

Daemen’s unique MPH program is structured so that classes do not begin earlier than 4:00 p.m.  This later class format provides students with the opportunity to work while completing their degree. The exception to later classes is the Applied Practice Experience (practicum) which is scheduled during the summer.  Students are expected to be able to complete a full-time summer internship during regular daytime working hours.  Further, the practicum may require an additional expense to the student for travel and room and board.  The MPH program is a demanding program in coursework, time commitment and financial obligations.

The program offers three specialty tracks of study: Epidemiology, Community Health Education, and Generalist Track. Regardless of which area of study students pursue, graduates from Daemen’s MPH program will be well prepared to serve their communities in promoting public health and well-being and preventing disease and injury.

Daemen also offers an accelerated joint degree program in which students earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion after four years and a Master of Public Health degree after the fifth year.  Access to the complete curriculum for the accelerated joint BS, Health Promotion, and Master of Public Health program can be found on the Daemen MPH webpage.

A similar professional program articulation exists with D’Youville College; D’Youville undergraduate public health students can earn both a Bachelor of Science in Public Health (from D’Youville) after four years and the MPH degree (from Daemen) after a fifth year.  Likewise, D’Youville Pharmacy students also have the opportunity to earn both a Pharm.D. (from D’Youville) and a MPH degree (from Daemen) after the 5th year.

Required Core Courses (20 credits)

  • PH500  Epidemiology (3)*
  • PH510  Psychosocial and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health (3)
  • PH520  Research Methods in Health Promotion (3)*
  • PH530  Web Environmental Health (3)
  • PH540/L  Public Health Biostatistics Lecture and Lab (3/2)
  • PH550  Public Health Policy, Administration, and Management (3)* PH 500 and PH 520 must be taken during the first semester offered.

Required Health Equity & Social Justice Foucus (9 credits)

  • PH585 Trauma-Informed Approach to Health & Well-Being (3)
  • PH590 Foundations of Public Health Ethics and Advocacy (3)
  • PH595 Cultural Competency and Health Disparities in Public Health (3)

Select two skill-based electives: (6 Credits)

  • PH512 Public Health Nutrition (3)
  • PH563 Program Planning & Evaluation (3)
  • PH570 Advanced Quantitative Analysis (3)
  • PH583 Project Management and Leadership in Public Health (3)
  • PH586 Qualitative Methods (3)
  • PH589 Grant Writing and Scholarship Dissemination (3)

Select one top-based Electives: (3 Credits)

  • PH542 Public Health Law (3)
  • PH560 Community Health Education (3)
  • PH568 Advanced Epidemiology (3)
  • PH572 Chronic Disease (3)
  • PH574 Infectious Disease Epidemiology (3)
  • PH580 Perinatal/Perinatal/Reproductive (3)
  • PH591 Global Health Policy (3)
    • Note: May choose another Public Health course application from a different department with Department Chair approval.

Practicum: (3 credits)

  • PH600 Practicum (3)

Capstone Seminar: (1 credit) and Capstone Project: (3 credits)

  • PH610 Capstone Seminar (1)
  • PH620 Capstone(3)