Student Services

Campus Store

The Daemen University Campus Store (Barnes & Noble #8388), located on the ground floor of Duns Scotus Hall, carries all required and optional textbooks (new and used), as well as study and exam guides. Daemen University’s All Access Pass program gives you access to all of your course materials before the first day of class.  For more details on the All Access Pass visit us at

The campus store also carries school supplies, trade books, art supplies, Daemen University clothing, and gifts. Research and supplementary texts can be specially ordered. The campus store accepts cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We also make arrangements with the office of student accounts to set up “book credit” accounts for students who wish to use their financial aid for the purchase of textbooks and supplies. Visit the college store at or from the Daemen home page under “student services.

Career Services

The Career Services’ commitment to our students begins the first day on campus and lasts throughout the student’s lifetime. The office provides a multitude of free services and supports to prepare and empower students to achieve their career goals.

The benefit of a small university is Daemen’s personalized approach. This student-centered approach includes advising, offering individualized assessments, the iCAP (individual Career Action Plan), leadership programs, and networking events as well as career lectures specific to our majors. Students have the opportunity to attend many programs on campus, including Recruiters on Campus, professional panel discussions, resume preparation workshops, and networking events.

Career Services works closely with Global Programs to support international internships as a stand-alone opportunity or added as part of the international educational experience. Students should meet with a Career Services Adviser to explore these opportunities. Information about these programs is also provided by GPO throughout the academic year.

Career Services staff have real-world experience in business and community connections to ensure the creation of a successful career strategy. More information can be found on the department website: To schedule an appointment, please call (716) 839-8334.

Classroom & Events Technology

Classroom & Events Technology provides the University community with classroom technology support and instructional equipment such as computers and video projectors, document cameras, digital video cameras, sound reinforcement, and many other types of digital and analog equipment. Students and organizations may request the use of equipment through email at: or by phone: (716) 839-8430.

Computing Services

The Office of Information Technology provides support for the University and its instructional, research, data, communication, and technology needs.

Daemen Access

Many courses mix web content, online discussion groups, and other electronic resources with traditional lectures and in-class discussions, for a rich and varied learning environment. In order to access all of that, students and faculty are issued a Daemen account. This account is what grants entry to our systems and high-speed network, and most of the systems we use, such as Blackboard, Self-Service, and MyDaemen, are accessible anywhere.

Personal Computing

Computing can play an integral part to a Daemen education. While there is no requirement for students to buy a computer, over 90% of our students have their own, with most being laptops. If you are planning to get your own, either Windows or Mac will work. It is recommended you have 16gb RAM & 256gb SSD (or NVMe), but not required.

We do not suggest Chromebooks.

Computer Labs

If you do not have a personal computer, there are open computer labs located in the Research & Information Commons and the Business Building. These labs contain Windows computers configured with a standard software package and high-speed internet access. During the fall and spring semesters, these labs are open 118 hours each week.

For students taking classes in Animation, Graphic Design, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Psychology, there are additional computers available in those Departmental labs.


Our campus operates on a 1gbps network, which is accessible across all offices, classrooms, labs, and residence halls via Ethernet and/or Wireless. Students living on campus can access this high-speed network free of charge.


Daemen University is a Google campus and thus utilizes their suite of applications for email (Gmail), web browsing (Chrome), documentation (Docs, Sheets, Slides), storage (Drive), and video communication (Meet). Daemen also has licensing agreements with Adobe, Microsoft, IBM SPSS, and others to provide our students, faculty, and staff with access to the most widely used productivity software.

Instructional Technology

Each classroom has a teaching station equipped with a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, projector, and audio equipment. Some specialized rooms have additional features. Faculty may use computer lab classrooms for hands-on computer instruction, or use cart-based wireless laptops to turn any conventional classroom into a computer lab.

For more information, please visit

CHIP Center – Counseling, Health, Insurance & Prevention

The CHIP Center, Daemen’s student wellness center, is conveniently located on the first floor of the John R. Yurtchuk Student Center. The CHIP Center offers student services including but not limited to individual counseling sessions, a wellness kiosk (free, over-the-counter wellness products), referrals to community-based services, and wellness programming year-round. 

Students describe the CHIP Center as a calm, peaceful, welcoming, and stress-relieving space on campus. In addition to offices and waiting areas, the CHIP Center offers a prayer and meditation room and gender-neutral restroom, available 24/7. The CHIP Center team looks forward to helping each student promote lifelong physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Counseling Services

The counselors at Daemen University serve the psychological well-being of the campus community so that students may be successful academically, ethically, spiritually, and personally. All registered Daemen students are eligible to attend up to 15 sessions per academic year free of charge. Services provided include: individual counseling, mediation, consultation, and resource connection. Common reasons students utilize counseling services include mental health needs, interpersonal challenges, and/or coping with academic difficulties. 

All counseling sessions are confidential. Student privacy and trust are of utmost importance and are protected by state laws and professional ethical standards. No information can be released without a student’s written authorization. Confidentiality is legally limited and will be discussed during a student’s first session with their counselor. Students are encouraged to ask questions or express any concerns they have about confidentiality. 

In-person counseling appointments take place in the CHIP Center counseling offices (Yurtchuk 117-120). Virtual counseling appointments are also available.  To schedule an appointment, students can complete the support form online at  

For more information, visit

Health and Insurance Services

The health & insurance services office is home to the Wellness Kiosk, a free, self-service resource for students to access over-the-counter wellness items. The public health professionals in this office work with students to identify and overcome barriers to accessing and utilizing wellness services on campus and in the community. Additionally, the health & insurance services team ensures students are compliant with immunization requirements and maintains confidential immunization and medical records. 

Health Records

In compliance with New York State Public Health Laws 2165 and 2157, students are required to submit immunization records as outlined below: 

  • Students born on or after January 1, 1957, and taking 6 or more credits are required to submit proof of immunization for Measles, Mumps & Rubella (vaccinations or titers).
  • Students taking 6 or more credits must submit proof of immunization (or submit a declination) for Meningococcal disease (completed vaccination or vaccination series within the past 5 years or a signed waiver declining the vaccination).

For more information on this requirement, health forms, and more, visit

Health Insurance

Daemen University requires all students who meet at least one of the criteria listed below to annually submit proof of health insurance (photo of the insurance card) that permits access and utilization of medical care in the Buffalo New York area OR enroll in Daemen’s student health insurance plan through United Healthcare. Students must be enrolled for the full academic year.

If a student fails to complete this process by the semester deadline the student will automatically be enrolled in Daemen’s student health insurance plan and the premium (annual cost) will be added to the student’s bill.

  • Students living in residential housing (including but not limited to Campus Proper, Snyder Park, and Collegiate Village)
  • Students who have international student status
  • Students participating in an intercollegiate sport
  • Students participating in the clinical portion of their academic program

*International students are required to enroll in Daemen’s student health insurance plan or an approved plan through PGH Global. These plans are vetted and ensure that international students have essential* health insurance coverage while in the United States. Travelers insurance plans are not accepted by Daemen University.

Daemen University also offers a student health insurance plan through United Healthcare that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act and provides affordable, comprehensive insurance benefits with low prescription costs, telehealth & telecounseling services. Any student taking 6 credits or more is eligible to enroll and eligible students who do enroll may also insure their dependents. 

For more information, visit

Medical Care 

The CHIP Center team connects students to local health and wellness organizations in the Buffalo, NY area. For acute medical needs, students can visit the Wellness Kiosk in Yurtchuk 116 to access free, on-the-go wellness products. For more emergent medical needs, students visit an urgent care center, conveniently located within 2 miles of the Amherst campus. 

For more information, visit

Wellness Initiatives 

The CHIP Center partners with community-based organizations to offer on-campus wellness opportunities including but not limited to: screenings for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), flu shot clinics, blood drives, and other wellness events. As a collaborative partner with the Wildcat Wellness student team, students have access to fun, engaging, and educational wellness opportunities year-round. Wildcat Wellness and CHIP Center events focus on practicing self-care, mental health awareness, and linking students to services on and off campus. 

Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) takes immense pride in nurturing a dynamic and inclusive campus community. Through close collaboration with esteemed campus and community partners, we prioritize the delivery of transformative educational experiences that embrace diversity and facilitate the exchange of varied perspectives. As primary facilitators, we are deeply committed to providing enriching and impactful opportunities that celebrate the richness of people and ideas within our diverse community.

Our unwavering dedication extends to fostering inclusive and equitable environments where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive. Our institution firmly believes in promoting dialogue and taking meaningful action at the intersections of identities. To empower our faculty, staff, and students, we provide comprehensive resources, guidance, and steadfast support. Together, we strive to cultivate genuine, compassionate, and accountable anti-racist living and learning communities that benefit all individuals within our institution.

Our overarching goal is to equip all members of the Daemen community with the education and experiences necessary to become active and engaged global citizens, utilizing these skills in their academic and career pursuits. We also aim to provide our students, staff, and faculty with the tools required to engage in productive, informed, and impactful discussions surrounding social justice and various forms of inequity. By exploring these topics in the context of our present climate, we foster a deeper understanding of their significance for us all.

Global Programs

The Global Programs Office provides information and services for Daemen students desiring to study abroad, as well as international students who have chosen Daemen for their undergraduate and/or graduate education.

Experiencing the world from another cultural perspective is essential for preparing students for global citizenship. Please see the Global Programs’ study abroad website for details of specific programs. All students studying abroad while at Daemen must meet with Global Programs staff for program information, application assistance, and University approval of their international educational experience.

The Global Programs Office provides comprehensive assistance and support for the community of international students at Daemen University. Staff members help international students with their initial adjustment to the University and the Buffalo area. The office provides information and advice about immigration regulations, cultural differences, and personal concerns.

The Daemen University Library

The library is located in the Research & Information Commons (RIC). All library study spaces within the RIC have wireless connectivity. Quiet study spaces are available on the second floor, with talking permitted study space on third and group study rooms across both floors. The RIC is also outfitted with a seminar and animation theater and presentation rooms. Students will find comfortable furnishings and inspiring surroundings, with a café nearby in the Atrium.

The library has comprehensive collections of e-book and print book titles, as well as robust offerings of digital and print periodical subscriptions and streaming video. Our collections support teaching and scholarship in all disciplines. Fast and easy interlibrary loan is available for specialized and unique information needs.

Research librarians are available to consult with students and faculty to find the information resources they need, as well as provide classroom instruction and one-on-one research appointments.

The library homepage is accessed through the MyDaemen portal.

RIC hours during the academic semester:

Sunday 10 am – 1 am

Monday – Thursday 7 am – 1 am

Friday 7 am – 11 pm

Saturday 9 am – 11 pm

Summer and Intersession Schedule:

Monday – Friday  8 am – 7 pm

Changes to this schedule are posted in advance on the library homepage.

Accessibility Services

Students with permanent or temporary disabilities may confidentially self-disclose to Accessibility Services via email: or by phone: 716-839-8228. This begins the interactive process to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations within the academic setting or the campus environment (student housing, dining, etc.). Reasonable accommodations are determined on a case-by-case and course-by-course basis and may not fundamentally alter the nature of a program, course, program or activity.

Please see Accommodation of Students with Disabilities and Disability Documentation Guidelines for more information.

Nancy Haberman Gacioch Center for Veterans

The Gacioch Center for Veterans at Daemen University is dedicated to supporting the success of veteran scholars and eligible family members throughout their postsecondary education journey. Our mission is to coordinate a comprehensive range of services that address their academic, financial, physical, and social needs. As a designated Military Friendly School and participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, we are deeply committed to providing exceptional service to those who have bravely served our country, as well as their eligible beneficiaries.

We understand that transitioning from military service to civilian life, including the challenges of pursuing a university degree, can be demanding for both students and their loved ones. Our professional staff collaborates with various departments to offer assistance throughout the admissions process, provide financial information, deliver academic support and advice, and act as liaisons with other campus offices, including those catering to students with unique needs. Furthermore, the Center can guide students in navigating resources available through the Veterans Administration and other community organizations.

In order to receive veteran’s educational benefits, students must undergo certification by the School Certifying Official. It is vital for students to promptly notify the Certifying Official of any changes in enrollment, major, or other pertinent information. Compliance with federal regulations is closely monitored by the Certifying Official, who assesses attendance and performance. Should a student fail to meet performance and/or degree progress or pursuit policies, the Certifying Official retains the authority to terminate educational benefits. This measure upholds the program’s integrity and ensures accountability.

The Gacioch Center for Veterans is available 24/7, providing round-the-clock support and assistance to meet the needs of our veteran scholars and eligible family members. It is a dedicated veteran student lounge that provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for study, dialogue, and rest.


The Registrar’s Office provides the following services for graduate students:

  • preparing course offerings for each term which are accessible (on the Search for Sections option on Self Service) on the Daemen website;
  • processing registrations for courses that require a permit to register;
  • after the last day for drop/add, processing withdrawals from courses for students who submit a withdrawal form;
  • processing final grades, as well as Incomplete and other grade changes, for publication on Self Service;
  • designing/revising/customizing evaluations for all programs (and approved curricular substitutions), thereby enabling students and advisors to monitor progress towards program completion and explore the status of other programs;
  • pending the department chair’s approval, processing acceptable transfer studies for incoming and returning graduate students;
  • verifying candidates for graduation/degree conferral; release of diplomas;
  • verifying candidates for completion of certificate programs; preparation and release of certificates;
  • processing and verifying changes in student status and general student directory information;
  • processing transcript requests.
  • processing professional licensure applications as appropriate.