Direct-entry Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Prerequisite Studies

Depending upon academic background, students may be required to complete additional studies as prerequisite to required courses. Prerequisite studies follow:

  • BCH317 Bio-Organic Chemistry Lecture (3)
  • BIO109/L-110/L General Biology I-II (3/1; 3/1)
  • BIO330/L-340/L General Anatomy; General Physiology (4/0; 4/0)
  • CHE110/L-111/L Chemistry I-II (4/0; 4/0)
  • CMP315 Advanced Composition for Health Professionals (3)
  • MTH134 Pre-Calculus (3)
  • PHY201/L-202/L Physics I-II (3/1; 3/1)
  • PSY: 3 credits in Psychology studies
  • PT101-201 Freshman/Sophomore Seminars in Physical Therapy (1/1)
  • PT312 Principles of Teaching and Learning (3)


  • PT501Applied Biostatistics (3)
  • PT504/L-505/L Clinical Functional Anatomy I & II (3/0; 2/0)
  • PT506/L-507/LKinesiology & Biomechanics I & II (3/0; 2/0)
  • PT508/L Physiology of Exercise (3/0)
  • PT509/L Principles & Applications of Physical Agents (4/0)
  • PT514/L-515/L Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation I-II (5/0; 5/0)
  • PT516 Clinical Problem Solving in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation (2)
  • PT517 Clinical Medicine I (3)
  • PT521/LProsthetics & Orthotics (2/0)
  • PT530 Psychosocial Aspects of Health and Disability (3)
  • PT532 Motor Control & Motor Learning (2)
  • PT539/L Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation (3/0)
  • PT541/L 542/L Neurobiology I-II (4/0; 4/0)
  • PT544/L-545/L Neuromuscular Rehabilitation I-II (5/0; 5/0)
  • PT546-549 Clinical Medicine II-III (3/2)
  • PT548 Integumentary Care (3)
  • PT551Integrative Seminar in Physical Therapy I-II-III-IV (0)
  • PT651Integrative Seminar in Physical Therapy V (0)
  • PT553 Introduction to Clinical Research Design (1)
  • PT554-555 Clinical Research I-II (2/2)
  • PT563-564-565-566-567 Clinical Exposure I-V (1/1/1/1/1)
  • PT575Pre-Clinical Seminar (1)
  • PT577-582-680-690 Clinical Internship I-II-III-IV (3/3/4/4)
  • PT600 Clinical Problem Solving in Neuromuscular Rehabilitation (2)
  • PT606/L Rehabilitation of the Patient with Spinal Cord Injury (1/0)
  • PT610 Management &Administrative Issues in Physical Therapy (4)
  • PT612 Prevention, Health Promotion, Fitness & Wellness (2)

Admission Requirements

Students with an earned baccalaureate degree (BS/BA) in a related field with minimum overall and science GPAs of 2.8 may apply to enter directly into the professional phase of the entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program.

Students with an earned baccalaureate degree (BS/BA) in a related field with minimum overall and science GPAs of 2.8 may apply to enter directly into the professional phase of the entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. You must apply online through PTCAS.

Direct-entry students will be accepted to the professional phase of the program based on their educational background, academic excellence, completion of all other requirements/recommendations, and space availability.

Degree and credit analysis for direct-entry students is completed by the Graduate Admissions Office and Physical Therapy Department Chair.

Direct-entry students must have successfully completed (C or better) all coursework listed below, earning minimum overall and science GPAs of 2.8 to be eligible for consideration for entry into the professional phase of the program.

  • 8 credits Biology (with lab)
  • 8 credits Chemistry (with lab)
  • 3 credits Bio-organic Chemistry lecture (Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry may be substituted)
  • 8 credits Physics (with lab)
  • 4 credits Anatomy (with lab)
  • 4 credits Physiology (with lab)
  • 3 credits Pre-Calculus (minimum requirement)
  • 3 credits Psychology
  • CMP 315 Advanced Composition for Health Professionals * +
  • PT 101 and PT 201 Freshman and Sophomore Seminars in Physical Therapy *
  • PT 312 Principles of Teaching and Learning *

 * may be satisfied through demonstrated proficiency, CLLE or other documentation of previous equivalent coursework

 + 200 level or higher English Composition including medical terminology and documentation formats.

Official transcripts from all colleges attended are required. International students should have transcripts evaluated by World Educational Services or Joseph Silny & Associates, Inc. Course by course evaluation is required.

Applicants must consult with the Graduate Admissions Office for all other requirements/recommendations including letter of intent, field work, and references.

Requirements for Continuance in the Professional Phase of the Program

Detailed information on minimum grade requirements and other requirements to maintain good academic standing in the professional program is available from the Physical Therapy Department. A minimum grade of C or Pass (for courses graded Pass/Fail) in all courses and a minimum 3.0 GPA in each semester of the curriculum are required in the professional program.

Graduation Requirements

Satisfactory completion of all requirements as per the terms set forth by the Physical Therapy Department.

Suggested Course Sequence

Access the suggested course sequence for the DPT, Direct Entry, from the Physical Therapy Department web page or the Program Plans site on the Registrar’s web page.