Student Life & Student Services

Housing and Residence Life

Housing on campus is provided in a variety of living environments to meet varying needs of students.

Canavan Hall, housing approximately 260 students, is primarily used as first-year and new student housing.  Canavan is a five-story suite-style residence hall. Two bedrooms share a bathroom; lounges and laundry facilities are on each floor. Rooms are either doubled or tripled, and feature a female only floor and four floors which are co-ed living by suite.

The Campus Apartments,  housing 384 students, is a complex of seven two-story apartment-style buildings, providing housing typically for upperclass students. Each apartment houses between four and six students and consists of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a full kitchen. Laundry facilities are available within each building.

Daemen College collaborates with Collegiate Village, an independently operated housing complex, which typically houses upperclass students. Housing is apartment-style and includes laundry facilities within each apartment.  Transportation is provided between Collegiate Village and Daemen’s campus.

At times, housing demand exceeds the available beds on campus. When that happens, Daemen works with local hotel partners and students are housed there until a space on campus or in Collegiate Village is available.

A trained Residence Life staff member is available to assist residential students with their social, academic, and personal needs, no matter where students live, believing that a student’s place of residence is an integral part of the total educational experience.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on weekdays in the Wick Student Center; brunch and dinner are served on Saturdays and Sundays. Adequate parking is available for non-Canavan resident students who need to park their cars on campus. Students residing in Canavan Hall are able to have cars, but must park them at Collegiate Village.  Canavan Hall residents do not have to pay the minimal parking fee.  All vehicles (including those belonging to Canavan residents) must be registered with the College; parking permits are required.

Residence Halls are open only while classes are in session. If housing is needed during breaks and holidays, students must complete a break housing form in accordance with the timeline set forth by the Housing & Residence Life Office. Students requesting to stay must be granted approval and must have a Daemen-related reason to stay on campus (e.g., athletics, class).

Daemen College Housing Residency Requirement

All first-time, full-time students who reside outside of a 30-mile radius from campus are required to live in on-campus housing during their first two (2) years at Daemen College (four consecutive semesters total) unless commuting from home and residing with parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  Incoming transfer students who have had prior on-campus housing at another institution will be able to count that time towards this requirement. In order for the Office of Residence Life to assist students as best possible, students need to follow strict timelines in order to be placed where they have requested. For dates and timelines, please refer to the Residence Life website.

Gender Inclusive Housing

The Office of Housing and Residence Life permits non-first year students of any gender to room with one another in a campus apartment. Students who are interested in this living arrangement must request this option as a group during the housing selection process. Students living in the same gender inclusive apartment must keep separate bedrooms.  The College does not assign students of different genders to the same apartment unless students agree to this arrangement.

Commuter Life

Over half of the student body commutes to campus. During the day and after classes, many commuters study in the Research & Information Commons (RIC) or socialize in the Wick Student Center. Commuter students are encouraged to become involved in student organizations and to participate in student activities. Information about campus life and student events is provided through the Daemen website and regular Daemen College email communications. Commuter students may bring a bag lunch or purchase a la carte meals at The Wildcat Den. More substantial, all-you-can-eat meals may be purchased in the dining hall for cash or with “DC Bucks.” Private lockers for commuter students are available in several campus academic buildings. Parking permits are required of all persons (residents, commuters, faculty, staff, and visitors).  Apply for a parking permit via your MyDaemen page.

Wick Student Center

Traditional all-you-can-eat meals are served in the main dining hall, and an a la carte selection is open to all in the Wildcat Den. The game room and the Wildcat Den are popular spots for socializing and relaxing during the day or evening. The game room has pool tables and ping pong tables. The Wildcat Den has large screen TVs, community tables and chairs, and both booth and lounge seating.  Wick Center also houses a multi-purpose social room, an information desk staffed by Campus Safety officers, several lounges and meeting rooms, and several administrative staff offices. Alumni Lounge has a Steinway grand piano that is available for casual student use. A Baldwin concert grand piano is maintained in the Social Room and is available for use by special arrangement with the Student Activities Office.

Student Activities

Student activities provide for the development of leadership skills and social interaction outside the classroom. The Student Activities Office helps guide students in forming recognized organizations and in planning a variety of events. All students in good academic standing are encouraged to join in extracurricular activities including the Student Government Association, Greek fraternities and sororities, honors societies, special interest groups, academic clubs, and student publications. With appropriate approvals and a College-approved driver, College vans are available for student organizations to use for area off-campus events. The vans are reserved and authorized for use through Campus Safety located in the Wick Center.

Student Government Association

The single most important element in the student self-governing process at Daemen College is the Student Government Association (S.G.A.). All students are ipso facto members of the Student Government Association, and the Student Activities fee collected by the College provides the budget with which the Student Government Association operates its comprehensive programs and cooperative efforts with administrators and faculty to enhance the social and academic life of the College.

Each spring Daemen College holds an election for the four Student Government Association Executive Board members.  Each fall an election is held for the first-year, sophomore, junior, senior class, and graduate student representatives. These five representatives together with the four member Executive Board comprise the nine member Student Government Association Senate.

The purpose of the Student Government Association Senate is to act as students’ official representative, to articulate students’ views, and to advocate for students’ best interests with the administration, faculty, other campus groups, and the community in general.  The Student Association Senate also votes on recognized student organization funding requests and works closely with the Student Activities Office on all aspects of campus programming.


Students interested in writing, photography, art, and graphic design produce Daemen’s online newspaper, The Insight, and the College’s literary magazine, Iconoclast.   These publications provide an opportunity for students in any major to develop additional marketable skills and contribute to collegial discourse and student life.

Athletics and Intramurals

Daemen Athletics is a NCAA Division II member of the East Coast Conference. Daemen Athletics sponsors 18 teams including: men’s and women’s basketball, women’s lacrosse, soccer, tennis, cross country, track & field,  volleyball, women’s bowling, women’s triathlon, and cheerleading. Daemen Athletics also provides recreational and intramural activities and oversees club sports. As the Buffalo-Niagara Region’s  premier NCAA Division II athletics program, Daemen Athletics is committed to building championship-caliber intercollegiate athletic teams and providing first-rate recreation and intramural programs for all Daemen students, faculty, and staff. More information can be found on the Daemen Athletics website

Area Social Activities and Recreation

Social gatherings and events, plays, movies, concerts, lectures, recitals, and art exhibits are scheduled on campus throughout the year. Eleven colleges and universities in the area provide constant opportunities for social and cultural enrichment. The Buffalo area is well known for its architectural and historical heritage; its cultural vitality in the form of art galleries, history and science museums, a zoo and a botanical garden, theaters, clubs, music groups, and a wonderful philharmonic orchestra; and its professional football, hockey, lacrosse, and baseball teams. Scores of good restaurants cater to almost every taste in dining, from gourmet to fast-food, with a wide diversity of cuisines and cultures represented. There are theme parks at Darien Lake and Niagara Falls. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario beaches provide swimming and boating. Cross-country ski and hiking trails are everywhere in suburban Buffalo, with downhill ski slopes an hour’s drive away. The Genesee River Gorge, the Finger Lakes, and the Southern Tier woods and waterways offer nearby outdoor recreation all year. The Artpark, Chautauqua, and Niagara-on-the-Lake festivals and special events enrich Western New York’s cultural and intellectual life. The city’s metropolitan area bus system serves the campus and the subway runs from downtown Buffalo to a point on Main Street a mile away from Daemen.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) includes the Office of Academic Advisement, the Learning Center, Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Program, Vision for Success, and Disability Services. The SSC is located on the first floor of the Research and Information Commons (RIC), (716) 839-8228.

Academic Advisement

All students are assigned advisors – full-time faculty in the department of each student’s declared major – who are available during registration periods and throughout the academic year to assist students. Students who have not yet declared a major are advised by professional staff advisors in the Office of Academic Advisement. Academic advisors and faculty advisors are available to help students make appropriate decisions related to scheduling, course sequencing, degree requirements, changing majors, and other college regulations.

The Academic Advisement office works closely with students and offers guidance on academic, personal, and social matters. Academic Advisement staff monitor students’ academic progress,  assist students with their adjustment to the College, maintain close contact with the faculty, and provide special counseling to students on academic probation.

Learning Center

Academic coaching (tutoring) services are free for all Daemen students.  Peer coaches – experienced students who have been recommended by faculty and completed a training program – are available for course content, writing, and study technique.  Professional coaches are available on a limited basis for students with English as a Second Language writing challenges and distance education students.

Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL), an academic support for selected natural science courses, is provided through group sessions facilitated by student PLTL leaders.  The PLTL leaders, who have already successfully completed the course, meet with students during regularly scheduled sessions to guide team/group practice and application of course information.

Students are encouraged to meet with the Director of the Learning Center to discuss study skills information, including strategies for overcoming academic difficulties. At the Learning Center, you will find help with time management, techniques for memory improvement, strategies for test taking, and information about your personal learning style. (

Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Program

This State and College sponsored program is designed for New York State residents who do not meet the traditional credentials for college admission but who have the potential for academic success. To be eligible for the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program, applicants must have a high school or equivalency diploma and historical financial need. Special documentation of income is required in order to establish economic eligibility in accordance with state guidelines. HEOP students participate in the TRI Scholars Academy,  an intensive five week residential summer program that provides an orientation to academic life at Daemen and opportunities for personal growth. Students will receive a rigorous educational experience designed to prepare them for the expectations of college life including improving proficiency in math, reading, writing, and study skills. Throughout the academic year students will receive individual and group counseling addressing financial, academic, and personal matters.

Vision for Success
The Vision for Success program offers financial, academic, and personal support to students who are conditionally admitted to the college. The Vision Counselor provides individual and group counseling and connects students with campus resources to enhance their overall higher education experience.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities meet with the Director of Disability Services to submit documentation of their disability, receive authorization of reasonable accommodations, discuss learning strategies, and arrange services. Students with disabilities at our branch campus locations can receive assistance from the Daemen College representative at their site to communicate with the Disability Services Office and arrange accommodations and services. See also the College’s policy on the accommodation of students with disabilities in the “Accreditation and Institutional Policies” section of this Catalog.


The Daemen College Campus Store (Barnes & Noble #8388), located on the ground floor of Duns Scotus Hall, carries all required and optional textbooks (new and used), as well as study and exam guides. Daemen College’s All Access Pass program gives you access to all of your course materials before the first day of class.  For more details on the All Access Pass visit us at

The bookstore also carries school supplies, trade books, art supplies, Daemen College clothing, and gifts. Research and supplementary texts can be special ordered. Change and stamps are available at the checkout. The bookstore accepts cash, personal check with proper ID, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We also make arrangements with the office of student accounts to set up “book credit” accounts for students who wish to use their financial aid for the purchase of textbooks and supplies. Visit the bookstore at or from the Daemen home page under “student services.”

Career Services

The Career Services commitment to our students begins the first day on campus and lasts throughout the student’s lifetime.  The offices provides a multitude of free services and support to prepare and empower students to achieve their career goals.

The benefit of a small college is Daemen’s personalized approach.   This student-centered approach includes advising, offering individualized assessments, the iCAP (individual Career Action Plan), leadership programs and networking events as well as career lectures specific to our majors.  Students have the opportunity to attend many programs on campus, including Recruiters on Campus, professional panel discussions, resume preparation workshops, and networking events.

Career Services works closely with Global Programs to support international internships as a stand-alone opportunity or added as part of the international educational experience.  Students should meet with a Career Services Adviser to explore these opportunities.  Information about these programs is also provided by GPO throughout the academic year.

Career Services staff have real-world experience and in business and community connections to ensure the creation of a successful career strategy.  More information can be found on the department website: To schedule an appointment, please call (716) 839-8334.

Career Field Experience

The Career Field Experience program provides students with the opportunity to gain work experience related to their academic major. Students may earn up to 12 hours of academic credit for internships during their college career. Organizations include locally and nationally recognized businesses, industry, government, health-related facilities, and educational and cultural institutions.

Successful completion of the online CFE 97-Career Preparation, Exploration, and Professionalism Seminar (CPEP) is required prior to approval of the Career Field Experience. There is no charge for this seminar.

Opportunities with the Washington Internship Institute ( are also available fall and spring semester through the College’s partnership in Washington, D.C.  Opportunities with the New York State Assembly Internship program ( are available spring semester through the College’s partnership in Albany, NY. The New York State Assembly Internship Committee awards a stipend to each Session Intern. More information on both opportunities can be found at

Classroom & Events Technology

Classroom & Events Technology provides the College community with classroom technology support and instructional equipment such as computers and video projectors, document cameras, digital video cameras, sound reinforcement, and many other types of digital and analog equipment. Students and organizations may request the use of equipment through email at: or by phone: (716) 839-8430.

Computing Services

Computing is an integral part of a Daemen education. All faculty and students have been issued an email account and access to our high-speed network, available from their offices and residence hall rooms. Many courses mix web content, online discussion groups, and other electronic resources with traditional lectures and in-class discussions, for a rich and varied learning environment.

While there is no requirement for students to buy computing equipment, over 95% of our students have their own computers, most being laptops. Use of technology in one of the public computing labs allows you access to a wide variety of resources free of charge. These areas, located in the Research & Information Commons and the Business Building, contain Windows or Mac computers with productivity software installed and high-speed internet access. Software is updated regularly, and hardware is updated every three to five years. During the fall and spring semesters, these labs are open 118 hours each week. Departmental labs for animation, graphic design, natural sciences, mathematics, and psychology have additional computer equipment available for students taking classes in those disciplines.

The Office of Information Technology provides support for the instructional, research and communication needs of the college community. A 1Gbps Ethernet and wireless network are provided across all offices, classrooms, labs, and residence halls. Students, faculty, and staff have access to a variety of local technology services such as Blackboard, Self-Service, and MyDaemen websites. Students living on campus can access this high-speed network free of charge. Faculty and students living off-campus can access many of our technology systems remotely.

The Office of Information Technology supports a standard suite of software for email, web browsing, word processing, virus protection, and other standard needs. Daemen College is a Google campus, while also entering into licensing agreements with Adobe, Microsoft, IBM SPSS, and others to provide our students, faculty, and staff with access to the most widely used productivity software.

Faculty may use dedicated computer classrooms for hands-on computer instruction or use cart-based wireless laptops to turn any conventional classroom into a computer lab. Projection equipment also facilitates computer aided instruction and demonstrations. Faculty may also make computer resources available outside of the classroom on the web via the Blackboard learning management system.

The Research and Information Commons offers online bibliographic searching. College administrative functions are computerized and integrated by means of an Ellucian student information system. More information can be found at:

Counseling, Health, Insurance & Prevention (CHIP) Center

Counseling Services

The counselors at Daemen College serve the psychological well-being of the campus community so that students may be successful academically, ethically, spiritually, and personally. All registered Daemen students are eligible to attend up to 15 sessions per academic year free of charge. Services provided include: individual counseling and couples counseling as appropriate, mediation, and consultation. Common reasons students utilize services include mental health needs, interpersonal challenges, and/or coping with academic difficulties. 

All counseling sessions are confidential. Your privacy and trust are important to us and are protected by state laws and professional ethical standards. No information can be released without your written authorization. However, confidentiality is legally limited. Your counselor will speak with you about the limits of confidentiality when you first meet. Feel free to ask your counselor any questions or express any concerns you may have about confidentiality. All in person counseling appointments take place in the CHIP Center counseling offices (Wick 117-120). Virtual counseling appointments are also available. To schedule an appointment, please complete the support form online at

Health and Insurance Services

The health and insurance services team supports students in making informed wellness decisions. In compliance with New York State Public Health Laws, the health and insurance office ensures students are compliant with immunization requirements and maintains confidential immunization and medical records. Students also have access to a health insurance plan through UnitedHealthcare and can work with the team to access and enroll in the insurance marketplace. Furthermore, the health and insurance services team works with students to identify and overcome barriers to accessing and utilizing wellness services on campus and in the community.

Health Records

In compliance with New York State Public Health Laws 2165 and 2157 students are required to submit immunization records as outlined below: 

  • Students born on or after January 1, 1957 and taking 6 or more credits are required to submit proof of immunization for Measles, Mumps & Rubella (vaccinations or titers).
  • Students taking 6 or more credits must submit proof of immunization for Meningococcal disease (completed vaccination or vaccination series within the past 5 years or a signed waiver declining the vaccination)

The Health Services team maintains student immunization records for 7 years after the date of admission to the College. Current students and alumni can request their records by completing a record release form by visiting

Health Insurance

Daemen College requires all students that meet at least one of the following criteria to submit proof of active health insurance that permits access and utilization of health services in the Buffalo, New York area prior to being permitted to move into the residence halls and practice or play a sport (NCAA Intercollegiate Athletes). The coverage must have an effective date that begins prior to the start of classes for the semester in which the student is enrolling. 

  • Students living in residential housing
  • Students who have international student* status
  • Students participating in an intercollegiate sport
  • Students participating in the clinical portion of their program (AT, NUR, PA & PT)

*International students are required to enroll in a PGH Global Care Health Insurance (with at least basic level coverage) or the Daemen College Student Health Insurance plan to ensure they have essential coverage while in the United States.

Daemen College offers a Student Health Insurance Plan through United Healthcare. The plan is compliant with the Affordable Care Act and provides affordable, comprehensive insurance benefits with low prescription costs, telehealth & telecounseling services. Any student taking 6 credits or more is eligible to enroll and eligible students who do enroll may also insure their dependents. For more information, visit

Medical Care 

For acute medical needs, students can visit the wellness kiosk (self-service) to access free, wellness products for their on-the-go needs. Products include but are not limited to: cold & flu medicine, band aids, feminine products, sting or bite relief and sexual health products. The Wellness Kiosk is available during normal office hours, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm in Wick 116, The CHIP Center. For more emergent medical needs, students can request free transportation from Campus Safety to visit WellNow Urgent Care (2 locations within 1 mile of campus).  

Wellness Initiatives 

The health and insurance services team partners with community-based organizations to offer on-campus wellness opportunities to include but not limited to: screenings for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), flu shot clinics, the wellness fair, and blood drives. As a collaborative partner with the Wildcat Wellness student team, students have access to fun, engaging, and educational wellness opportunities year-round. Wellness events focus on self-care, mental health awareness, linking students to services on and off-campus, and more!

Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is responsible for facilitating an enriching diversity education experience for our community. Through collaboration with various campus partners, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion holds the primary responsibility of providing faculty, staff and students with resources, guidance, and support for issues as they relate to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our goal is to provide all members of the Daemen community with the education and experience necessary to become an active and engaged global citizen and to utilize those skills in their academic and career pursuits. We also seek to provide our students, staff, and faculty with the tools needed to engage in productive, informed, and impactful discussions around issues of social justice and inequity of all kinds, learning what those topics mean for us in the context of our current climate

Global Programs

The Global Programs Office provides information and services for Daemen students desiring to study abroad, as well as international students who have chosen Daemen for their undergraduate and/or graduate education.

Experiencing the world from another cultural perspective is essential for preparing students for global citizenship. Details of specific programs are found in the Programs of Study section of this catalog. All students studying abroad while at Daemen must meet with Global Programs staff for program information, application assistance, and College approval of their international educational experience.

The Global Programs Office provides comprehensive assistance and support for the community of international students at Daemen College. Staff members help international students with their initial adjustment to the College and the Buffalo area. The office provides information and advice about immigration regulations, cultural differences, and personal concerns.

The Daemen College Library

The library is located in the Research & Information Commons (RIC). All library study spaces within the RIC have wireless connectivity, quiet study space, talking permitted study space, group study rooms, seminar and animation theater, a café, and two presentation rooms. Students will find comfortable furnishings and inspiring surroundings.

The library has comprehensive collections of  e-book and print book titles as well as thousands of digital and print periodical subscriptions and streaming video. Our collections support teaching and scholarship in all disciplines. Fast and easy interlibrary loan is available for specialized and unique information needs.

Research librarians are available to consult with students and faculty to find the information resources they need, as well as provide classroom and one-on-one research assistance.

The library homepage is accessed through the MyDaemen portal.

RIC hours during the academic semester:
Sunday 10 am – 1 am
Monday – Thursday 7 am – 1 am
Friday 7 am – 11 pm
Saturday 9 am – 11 pm

Summer Schedule:
Monday – Friday  8 am – 7 pm

Changes to this schedule are posted in advance on the library homepage.

Nancy Haberman Gacioch Center for Veterans

The mission of the Gacioch Center for Veterans is to support veteran scholars and eligible family members’ success in postsecondary education by coordinating services to address their academic, financial, physical, and social needs.  As a designated Military Friendly School and a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, Daemen College is committed to providing the best possible service to the men and women who have served our country together with their eligible beneficiaries.  We recognize that the transition from military service to civilian life, including the rigors of pursuing a college degree, can be challenging – not only for students themselves but for their loved ones. Professional staff collaborate with various departments to provide assistance with the admissions process, financial information, academic support and advice, and liaison with other campus offices, including services for students with special needs. The Center can also help students navigate Veterans Administration and other community resources available to veterans and their families.  A dedicated veteran student lounge provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for study and conversation.


The Registrar’s Office provides the following services for students:

  • preparing course offerings for each term which are accessible on Self Service on the Daemen website;
  • processing registrations for courses which require a permit to register;
  • after the last day for drop/add, processing withdrawals from courses for students who submit a withdrawal form;
  • processing mid-term and final grades, as well as Incomplete and other grade changes, for publication on Self Service;
  • designing/revising/customizing evaluations for all degree, certificate programs, and minors (and approved curricular substitutions), thereby enabling students and advisors to monitor progress towards program completion and explore status on other programs;
  • evaluating transfer studies for incoming transfer students and returning students who complete transfer studies with departmental approval;
  • verifying candidates for graduation/degree conferral/Commencement honors; release of diplomas;
  • verifying candidates for completion of certificate programs; preparation and release of certificates;
  • processing and verifying changes in student status and general student directory information;
  • collaborating with the Faculty Athletic Representative regarding certification of student athletes for participation in intercollegiate athletics;
  • processing transcript requests and providing transcripts;
  • processing professional licensure applications as appropriate.