Administrative Staff

Office of the President

Gary A. Olson, President; B.A., Kings College; M.A., University of Connecticut; Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Amanda Gross, Chief of Staff; B.A., Colby College; M.ED., University of Miami. 

Sarah Porzucek, Executive Assistant, Office of the President; B.A., University of Rhode Island. 

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Michael S. Brogan, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College; A.S., Erie Community College; B.S., Daemen College; M.S., Ph.D., University at Buffalo; D.P.T., Daemen College.

Jill Aldrich, Administrative Coordinator for ABA; B.S., Syracuse University; M.S., St. Cloud State University.

Lee Allard, Director for Institutional Research, B.A., University at Dallas; M.A., Vanderbilt University; M.T.S., Vanderbilt Divinity School; M.S., University of Cincinnati College of Medicine; M.S., Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas;  

Carolyn Atherton, Administrative Assistant for Natural Sciences; A.A.S., Bryant & Stratton.

Amy Battaglia, Administrative Associate for Education.

Lynette Boesken, Administrative Assistant for Paralegal Studies; B.A., Valparaiso University. 

Susan Bonafede, Administrative Assistant for Graduate Nursing; B.A., M.S., St. John Fischer College.

Harrison Cheung, Circulation Assistant; M.A., University at Buffalo.

Brittany Collins (Maryniewski), Degree Audit and Articulation Analyst; B.A., SUNY Buffalo State.

Alyssa Crofts, Academic Advisor; B.S., M.A., The College at Brockport.

Brooke Densing, Director, CAUSE Program, B.S., Stony Brook University; M.S.W., University at Buffalo. 

Justin Dise, Archive & Instruction Librarian; B.A., M.L.S., University at Buffalo.

Mary Dormer, Assistant Registrar; B.S., University at Buffalo; M.S., Daemen College. 

Justine Duquette, Coordinator; B.A., M.B.A., Canisius College.

Sabrina Fennell, Assistant VP for Student Success; B.S.,SUNY College at Fredonia; M.S., SUNY Buffalo State.

Allison Fischer, RIC Circulation Assistant; B.S., Elmira College; M.L.S., M.ED., University at Buffalo. 

Christina Fuller, Degree Audit and Articulation Analyst; B.S., University at Buffalo.

Deborah Gianturco, Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs; A.A.S., Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Robyn Gordon, Clinical Coordinator, PA Program; B.S., The King’s College.

Joseph Hall, Librarian; B.A., St. Mary’s College of Maryland; M.F.A., George Mason University; PH.D., University at Buffalo. 

Audrey Hernandez, Records and Registration Specialist; B.S., Canisius College; M.S., Daemen College.

Irene Holohan-Moyer, Assistant VP for Institutional Effectiveness & Systems Integration; B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., University at Buffalo.

Hella Jacob, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; M.A. University of Regensburg, Germany; Ph.D. University at Buffalo.

Justin Kennelly, Evening Operations Librarian; M.L.S., San Jose State University.

Robin King, Director, Academic Grants & Sponsored Programs; B.A., University of Vermont; M.S.W., San Diego State University.

Christine Kramer, Principal Library Assistant; B.S., Daemen College.

Margaret Lacki, Administrative Associate for Student Success Center; A.A.S., Erie Community College.

Stefanie Lizauckas, Associate Registrar; B.S. Westminster College; M.S., Canisius College.

Dorothy Lutgen, Executive Assistant for Physical Therapy; B.S., Daemen College.

Annie Printup, Assistant Director for Institutional Effectiveness & Systems Integration; B.A., Hobart and William Smith Colleges; M.P.A., Penn State University.

Susan Marchione, Director of New Program Development & Strategic Initiatives; B.A., M.S., Canisius College; Ed.D, D’Youville College.

Lindsay Masters, Coordinator of Learning Center; B.S., SUNY College at Fredonia; M.S., Canisius College.

Jeffrey Matrachisia, Reference & Instructional Librarian; M.L.S., University at Buffalo.

Kara McGuire, Assistant Director, RIC & Library ServicesCirculation/Interlibrary Loan Librarian; B.A., SUNY Buffalo State; M.L.S., University at Buffalo.

Doris Murphy, CPCU, Assistant VP for Academic Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs; A.A.S., Bryant & Stratton College; B.S., M.S., Daemen College.

Mary Anne Neil-Luther, Administrative Assistant for Business Administration; A.A.S., Erie Community College.

Rivka Neuhaus, Administrative Assistant Lakewood Education- Branch Campus

Rimma Nisnevich, Sr. Data Specialist;  Diploma (B.S./M.S.), College of Energy, Belarusian Polytechnic Institute.

Melissa Peterson, Director, RIC & Library Services;  B.A., Binghamton University;  M.A., M.L.S., University at Buffalo.

Kim Petry, Records Registration Assistant; A.A.S., Bryant & Stratton.

Michelle Ratzel, Administrative Coordinator for Dean of Health & Human Services; A.A.S., Bruant & Stratton.

Elizabeth Renner, Coordinator, Global Programs; B.S., M.P.H., Daemen College.

Ann E. Robinson, Executive Director of Global Programs; B.A., New York University; Ed.M., Teachers College, Columbia University.

Eann Robinson, Assistant Director of HEOP; B.S., SUNY Fredonia; M.A., SUNY Buffalo State College.

Vincenette SanLorenzo, Director of PA Graduate Services; B.S., SUNY Buffalo State College.

Jill Schopp, Administrative Assistant for PA.

Michelle Semski, Academic Advisor,  B.A., M.A., Niagara University.

Tiffany Shadden, Registrar; B.S., Daemen College; M.B.A., Medaille College.

Phyllis Shroot, Coordinator, Alternative Certification Program in Special Education in Partnership with Total Testing Inc. (TTI); B.A., Stern College, Yeshiva University; M.S., Hunter College.

Peggy Siebold, Administrative Assistant for Sociology & Social Work.

Beatrice Slick, Vision Counselor for Student Success Center; M.S.W., University at Buffalo.

Susan Slominsky, Administrative Assistant for Lakewood Education- Branch Campus; B.S., CUNY City College; M.ED., St. John’s University. 

Mimi Steadman, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs & Strategic Management; B.S., Cornell University; M.S., University of Rhode Island; Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley. 

Rebecca Stein, Field Coordinator; B.A., Touro College; M.S., Adelphi University.

Andrea Sullivan, Head of Reference & Instruction; B.A., Daemen College; M.L.S., University at Buffalo.

Devorah Tessler, Administrative Assistant for Lakewood Education- Branch Campus.

Rachel Twardowski, Records and Registration Specialist; B.S., M.ED., Medaille College. 

Joan Wadsworth, Program Coordinator for Leadership & Innovation; B.A., Boston College.

Toni Wendland, Administrative Assistant for ABA; B.S., Carroll University. 

Melissa Wilkerson, Administrative Assistant for Physical Therapy; A.A.S., Erie Community College. 

Joy Yaskow, Administrative Assistant for PA; B.S., University at Buffalo.

Jillian Ziemianski, Writing Specialist with Student Success Center; B.A., SUNY Fredonia; M.A., Minnesota State University Mankato. 

Office of the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Greg J. Nayor, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives; B.A., M.Ed., State University of New York at Potsdam; Ph.D., University of Virginia.

Shantina Addison, Assistant Director of Graduate and Special Programs; B.S., M.ED., Medaille College. 

Brooke Bainbridge, Admissions Counselor; B.A., SUNY Buffalo State; M.L.S., University at Buffalo.

Megan Beardi, Assistant Director of Graduate and Special Programs; B.A., University at Buffalo; M.S., Daemen College.

Kaylyn Billups, Transfer Admissions Counselor; B.A., SUNY College at Fredonia.

Austin Brass, Director of Undergraduate Admissions; B.A., University of Pittsburgh; M.S., Canisius College.

Karen Cash, Special Assistant to the VPSA; B.S., SUNY Geneseo.

Taylor Chaney, Admissions Counselor; B.S., University of Albany.

Michelle Curry, Admissions Counselor; B.S., Edinboro University.

Jennifer Diethorn, Assistant Director of Student ActivitiesB.S., Niagara University; M.S., Slippery Rock University.

Tiffany Dillon, Assistant Director of Career ServicesB.S., Johnson and Wales University; M.S., Medaille College.

Danielle S. Eadie, Clinical Director of Counseling; B.A., Canisius College; M.S.W. University at Buffalo.

Ashley Frazier, Director of the CHIP Center; B.S., M.S., Daemen College.

Mary Friel, Enrollment Services Coordinator; B.S., Daemen College; M.A., Nova Southeastern University. 

Julie Harpst, Assistant Director of Enrollment Research.

Ian James, Coordinator of Career Services and Residence Life, B.S., M.S., University at Buffalo.

Andrea Jeski, Administrative Assistant for CHIP Center; B.S., SUNY Buffalo State College.

Jovanny Jimenez, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor; B.A., Canisius College.

Stephanie Kresse, Assistant Director for Counseling Services; B.A., Canisius College; M.S., University at Buffalo.

Deborah Krzyzanowski, Admissions Support Specialist; A.A.S., Villa Maria College.

Heather Maclin, Director of  Student Activities; B.S., University of Arkansas; M.S., University of Memphis.

Briana McKay, Admissions Support Specialist.

Robert Mead-Colegrove, Assistant Dean for Campus Life; B.S., SUNY College at Fredonia; M.Ed., University at Buffalo.

Kelly Monkelbaan, Executive  Director of  Enrollment Research; A.A.S., Villa Maria College; B.S., M.S., Daemen College.

Yolanda Morris, Director of Admissions Events & Special Programs; B.A., Russell Sage College; M.S., SUNY Buffalo State.

Kimberly Pagano, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement; B.A., Canisius College; M.S., Daemen College.

Michael Paglicci, Coordinator for Student Transition and Campus Programming; B.S., Niagara University; M.S., Canisius College.

Heidi Popek, Coordinator of Administrative Services for Enrollment Management.

Kayla Powell, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions; B.S., Houghton College.

Hannah Szablewski, Office Manager for Student Affairs; B.A., Canisius College. 

Lamark Shaw, Director of Career Services / Adjunct Professor; B.S., SUNY Buffalo State; M.A., Medaille College.

Doug Smith, Director of Campus Safety; B.S., SUNY Buffalo State.

Kerry L. Spicer, Dean of Students, B.S. SUNY Fredonia; M.S. , SUNY Buffalo State.

Danielle Vallone, Director of Conference Services; B.A., University at Buffalo.

Lynnae Williams-Flood, Call Center Assistant; B.A., Allegheny College.

Emilee Yormick, Director of Housing & Residence Life; B.A., Medaille College; M.ED., SUNY Buffalo State College. 

Sydney Youngberg, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor; B.A., M.S., Alfred University.

Julie Zulewski, Dean of Enrollment; B.S., M.S., University at Buffalo.

Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs

Robert E. Rood, Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer; B.S., Canisius College; M.B.A, Ph.D., University at Buffalo.

Diana Alvarado, Print Shop Supervisor; A.A.S., Niagara County Community College.

Lisa Arida, CPA, Associate VP of Business Affairs and Controller; B.S., Daemen College.

Peter Bellanca, Assistant Director of Facilities – Trades.

Brittney Bundy, Senior Financial Aid Technician; B.S., Daemen College.

Steven Chmielewski, Grants Administration Manager; B.S., Canisius College.

Heather Colby, HR Associate.

Maggie Fage, Sr. Financial Aid Counselor; B.A., Hilbert College; M.Ed., University at Buffalo.

Bianca Gowanny, Payroll & Benefits Coordinator; B.S., SUNY Buffalo State; M.B.A. Niagara University.

Mary Hartnett, Purchasing Coordinator; A.A.S., Bryant & Stratton. 

Susan Heater, Assistant Director of Facilities – Janitorial

Jaclyn Herne, Bookstore Manager.

Theresa Kolb, Mailroom Supervisor.

Robyn Kulczyk, Accounting Supervisor; B.S., Hilbert College; M.B.A., St. Bonaventure University.

Russell Leising, Printing Operator.

Sandra Looker,  Assistant Director of Financial Aid; B.F.A., Rochester Institute of Technology; M.Ed., Roberts Wesleyan College.

Samantha Maiarana, Employment Coordinator, B.S., M.S., Daemen College.

Cheryl Malcziewski, Print Shop Assistant.

Tracy Masse-Wells, PHR, Director of Employee Engagement; B.S., SUNY Buffalo State.

Theresa Mulholland, Accounts Payable Clerk & Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey Pagano, Director of Financial Aid; B.A., SUNY College at Fredonia.

Donald Phillips, Director of Facilities.

Eric Price, Assistant Director of Facilities – Buildings & Grounds; B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Lisa Rosati, Bursar; B.S., Medaille College.

Scott Rowe, Assistant Director of Financial Aid; B.A., SUNY College at Geneseo; M.S., SUNY Buffalo State.

Patrick Ryan, Mailroom Clerk.

Erin Simson, Financial Aid Administrative Assistant; B.A., SUNY Buffalo State College.

Dawn Schimweg, NYS TAP, Scholarships & Benefits Administrative Assistant; A.A.S., Erie Community College.

Cheryl Skwark, Accounting Generalist; B.M., Mercyhurst College; B.S., Daemen College.

Brenda Twardowski, Administrative Assistant for Business Office; A.A.S., Erie Community College. 

Lindsay A. Wolfe, Payroll Director; B.A., University at Buffalo; M.B.A. P.A., Canisius College.

Melanie Zenicki, Assistant Bursar; B.S., M.S.,  Daemen College.


Office of Institutional Advancement

Emily Burns Perryman, Vice President for Institutional Advancement; B.S. Fashion Institute of Technology; M.A., SUNY Empire State College.

Elise Chambers, Graphic Designer; B.S., SUNY Buffalo State; M.S., Daemen College.

Christina Francis, Consumer and Marketing Insights Specialist; M.B.A., University at Buffalo.

Cameron Garrity, Graphic Designer; B.F.A., Daemen College

Kathryn Hammer, Director of Alumni Relations; B.F.A., Daemen College; M.S., Canisius College.

Kara Kane, Director of Annual Giving & Stewardship; B.S., Canisius College.

Michael A. Morgan, Director of Publications; B.S., SUNY Buffalo State.

Jill Robins, Associate VP for Advancement & Special Events; B.A., College of Charleston. 

Daniel Robison, Director of Institutional Communications; B.A., University of Evansville; M.A., Indiana State University. 

David Seifert, Director of Marketing & Digital Media Specialist; B.A., Hilbert College. 

Joyce Strobel, Assistant Director of Publications;

Isaac Williams, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy; B.A., M.S., University of Phoenix; M.F.A., Full Sail University.

Gina Wiertel, Advancement Services Coordinator; B.A., Buffalo State College. 

Lauren Zaepfel, Marketing Assistant; B.A., Niagara University.


Traci Murphy, Director of Athletics; B.S., West Chester University; M.S., University of Arkansas.

Stephanie Albano, Assistant Athletics Director,  Head Volleyball Coach; B.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.S., Canisius College.

Jenepher Banker, Assistant Athletics Director, Head Coach for Women’s Basketball; B.S., Springfield College; M.S., Iowa State University.

Steve Chasey, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance; B.S., Bowling Green State University; M.S. Columbia University; J.D., Albany Law School of Union University.

Michelle Copolo-Ziemer, Assistant Athletic Trainer; M.S., Marshall University.

Hailey Dietrich, Student-Athlete Success and Community Engagement Coordinator/CAUSE; B.A., Hobart and William Smith Colleges; M.A., Canisius College.

Daniel Dolan, Head Women’s Soccer Coach.

Katherine Eschner, Strength & Conditioning Coach & AWC Manager; B.S., Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. 

Don Gleason, Head Coach Men’s Volleyball, B.S./M.E. Rochester Institute of Technology.

Ryan Grandits, Assistant Men’s B-ball Coach & Athletics Operations; M.S., Daemen College.

Pete Gratien, Head Coach Men’s & Women’s Cross Country/Track/Field; B.S., Le Moyne College.

Michael MacDonald, Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Head Coach, Men’s Basketball; B.A., St. Bonaventure University; M.S., Canisius College.

Jon Metz, Head Coach, Women’s Triathlon; B.S., Florida International University; Ed.M., SUNY Buffalo State; Ed.D., D’Youville College.

Michael Miranto, Associate Athletic Director for Communications; B.A., SUNY Buffalo State.

Zachary Morris, Assistant Athletic Trainer & Strength/Conditioning; B.S., Canisius College.

Carrie Racsumberger, Head Coach Women’s Bowling; B.S., SUNY Empire State College; M.S., Daemen College.

Karen Roehling, Senior Woman Administrator, Assistant Athletic Trainer; B.S., Ithaca College; M.S., Canisius College.

Jeffrey Sage,  Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine & Performance; B.S., The College at Brockport; M.S., California University of Pennsylvania.

Bediako Swan, Head Coach Men’s Soccer; B.S., Davis and Elkins College; M.S., West Virginia University.

Alexis Wayne, Director of Athletic Operations & Communications; B.S., M.A., Niagara University. 

Office of Information Technology

Melaine Kenyon, Vice President of Information Technology/CIO B.A., M.A. State University of New York at Buffalo.

Ryan Ackley, Assistant Vice President for Information  Management; B.S., St. Bonaventure University.

Rachel Alvarez, IT Administrative Coordinator and Assistant to CIO; B.A., Daemen College.

David Balcerzak, Information Systems Analyst; B.S., SUNY Buffalo State.

Matthew Biehl, IT Specialist & Multimedia Technician; B.A., SUNY Buffalo State.

Michael Cooke, Technical Support Specialist; B.A., University of Massachusetts. 

Marc Doull, Network Administrator; B.S., M.B.A., SUNY at Buffalo.

Kathryn Dubrey, Junior Developer; B.A., Niagara University.

Eric Hill, Senior Instruction Designer; B.S., University of Pennsylvania; M.ED., Framingham State University; M.S., University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Christen Ann Kelly, Associate Director of Technology Support; B.A., University at Buffalo.

Brian Kenline, Director of Technology Support.

Allen Luxenberg, Branch Campus Technical Support Coordinator.

Brien Pacholec, Junior Developer; B.A., Ithaca College; M.B.A., Daemen College.

Christopher Pack, Assistant Vice President for Systems & Infrastructure;  B.S., SUNY Buffalo State.

Sterlyn Rojas, Technical Support Specialist; B.S., University of Buffalo.

Peter Schilke, Director of Instructional Design; B.S., SUNY Buffalo State; M. ED., University of Mary Washington.

Angela Stockman, Instructional Designer; B.A., SUNY College at Fredonia; M.ED., SUNY Buffalo State College.

Christian Valerio, Technical Support Specialist; A.S., Bryant & Stratton.

Thomas P. Wojciechowski, Executive Director of Web Communications; B.F.A., University at Buffalo; M.S., Daemen College.

John Zaepfel, Director of Web Development;  B.A., University at Buffalo.

Christina Zytariuk, Junior Systems Administrator; B.A., University at Buffalo.

Office of Diversity & Inclusion 

Tiffany Hamilton, Chief Diversity Officer & Director of Arthur O. Eve H.E.O.P.; B. S., SUNY College at Fredonia; M.S., SUNY Buffalo State.

Dasia Morman, Assistant Director of Diversity & Inclusion; B.S., M.S., SUNY Buffalo State College. 

Paul Muccigrosso, Director of Veteran Services; B.S., SUNY Empire State College; M.S.W., University at Buffalo; M.B.A., Medaille College.