PRE-ART THERAPY MINOR (Psychology Majors)

NOTE:  This minor is recommended for Psychology BA or BS students. The minor course work will be fulfilled with Psychology  and studio Art courses to prepare students to pursue further education in the area of art therapy programs.

Required Psychology courses (15 credits)

  • PSY103 Intro to Psychological Science (3)
  • PSY212 Developmental Psychology (3)
  • PSY219 Psychology of Mental Illness (3)
  • PSY231 Behavior Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence (3)
  • Elective PSY (3)*

*NOTE: Consult Advisor for recommended course.

Additional Requirements (18 credits)

  • ART105 Foundations of Drawing I (3)
  • ART106  Foundations of Drawing II (3)
  • ART225 Painting: Watercolor (3)
  • ART251 Ceramics I (3)
  • ART267  Sculpture I (3)
  • EDU301 Methods and Materials: Art (3)