Certificate In Visual Effects Training

Required Courses

  • VFX110 2D and 3D Matchmoving (3)
  • VFX115 Rotoscoping (3)
  • VFX220 Compositing (3)
  • VFX230 Paint and Rig Removal(3)
  • VFX255 Stereoscopic Conversion (3)


Requirements for Admission to the Certificate Program

Prospective students must complete an application for admission to the program.  Consult the Admissions office for complete details.

Program Structure

Courses are offered over a 4-month period in 3 5-week modules, modules 1 and 2 consisting of 2 courses per module; module 3 consists of the final course.

Requirements for Completion of the Certificate Program

  1. A minimum grade of C in all courses
  2. Filing of an application for completion of certificate form with the Registrar’s Office in the first week of the final term (Fall) prior to program completion. (Forms are available upon request from the Visual and Performing Arts Department.)  NOTE: Participation in the Commencement ceremony is not applicable to certificate candidates.  An alternate event is scheduled every spring.