Entrepreneurship Minor


Dan Shanahan, Assistant Professor and Program Director

(716) 566-7890


The Minor in Entrepreneurship is an Interdisciplinary Minor designed for all majors and all career paths.

Entrepreneurship classes introduce students to an entrepreneurial skill set with significant emphasis on project based learning and the development of original entrepreneurial initiatives, in addition to a more directed study of business methodology.  A liberal arts education provides the necessary lens to view the entrepreneurial mindset by encouraging students to find creative and innovative ways to apply their knowledge to solve real world problems.

As part of the program students will learn to:

  • Experiment with innovative ideas
  • Seek professional and experienced advice from mentors
  • Create opportunities that utilize their initiatives and their talents
  • Apply the knowledge acquired within the public sphere
  • Solve problems within traditional job settings using creative thought processes

The Minor in Entrepreneurship introduces students to the skills needed to effectively and creatively implement successful initiatives that will shape their community, lead to great personal satisfaction, and be a key economic driver. The ability to think creatively, examine challenges, and identify opportunities are important for lifelong success in all career paths.

Requirements: (15 credits)

  • ENTR201 The Entrepreneurial Mindset (3)
  • ENTR301 The Entrepreneurial Skill Set (3)
  • ENTR401 Entrepreneur in Action (3)
  • 6 credits of electives: Students will propose the completion of 6 additional credits relevant to their area of interest. Proposed electives are subject to the approval of the Program Director.