Educational Studies

Requirements: 18-19 Credits:

  • EDU203 Learning Theory (3)
  • EDU270 Introduction to Nature and Educational Needs of Students with Disabilities (3)


  • EDU103 Arts, Movement and Music for the Young Child (3)
  • EDU237 Instructional Design (3) /EDU 237 Lab (1)
  • EDU313 Foundations of Education (3)
  • ECSE324 Transdisciplinary Intervention and Family Involvement (3)
  • LEAF527 Leadership in Non-profit Organizations
  • SED333 Elements of Behavior Change and Specific Behavior Change Procedures (3)
  • SED363 Inclusive Education for Children with Learning Disabilities and Mild Disabilities (3)
  • PSY 214Psychology of Adolescence (3)
  • PSY231 Behavior Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence (3)
  • SOC243 Child Welfare Policy and Services (3)

For the PSY classes, PSY103 is a required pre-requisite.

Note: Other courses may be allowed with the approval of the Education Department Chair.** For the PSY classes, PSY 103 is a required class